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rbtree.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  RBNode


typedef struct RBNode RBNode
typedef struct RBTree RBTree
typedef enum RBOrderControl RBOrderControl
typedef int(* rb_comparator )(const RBNode *a, const RBNode *b, void *arg)
typedef void(* rb_combiner )(RBNode *existing, const RBNode *newdata, void *arg)
typedef RBNode *(* rb_allocfunc )(void *arg)
typedef void(* rb_freefunc )(RBNode *x, void *arg)


enum  RBOrderControl { LeftRightWalk, RightLeftWalk, DirectWalk, InvertedWalk }


RBTreerb_create (Size node_size, rb_comparator comparator, rb_combiner combiner, rb_allocfunc allocfunc, rb_freefunc freefunc, void *arg)
RBNoderb_find (RBTree *rb, const RBNode *data)
RBNoderb_leftmost (RBTree *rb)
RBNoderb_insert (RBTree *rb, const RBNode *data, bool *isNew)
void rb_delete (RBTree *rb, RBNode *node)
void rb_begin_iterate (RBTree *rb, RBOrderControl ctrl)
RBNoderb_iterate (RBTree *rb)

Typedef Documentation

typedef RBNode*(* rb_allocfunc)(void *arg)

Definition at line 47 of file rbtree.h.

typedef void(* rb_combiner)(RBNode *existing, const RBNode *newdata, void *arg)

Definition at line 46 of file rbtree.h.

typedef int(* rb_comparator)(const RBNode *a, const RBNode *b, void *arg)

Definition at line 45 of file rbtree.h.

typedef void(* rb_freefunc)(RBNode *x, void *arg)

Definition at line 48 of file rbtree.h.

typedef struct RBNode RBNode
typedef struct RBTree RBTree

Definition at line 33 of file rbtree.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 36 of file rbtree.h.

    LeftRightWalk,              /* inorder: left child, node, right child */
    RightLeftWalk,              /* reverse inorder: right, node, left */
    DirectWalk,                 /* preorder: node, left child, right child */
    InvertedWalk                /* postorder: left child, right child, node */
} RBOrderControl;

Function Documentation

void rb_begin_iterate ( RBTree rb,
RBOrderControl  ctrl 

Definition at line 838 of file rbtree.c.

References RBTree::cur, DirectWalk, elog, ERROR, InvertedWalk, RBTree::iterate, RBNode::iteratorState, LeftRightWalk, RBNIL, RightLeftWalk, and RBTree::root.

Referenced by ginBeginBAScan().

    rb->cur = rb->root;
    if (rb->cur != RBNIL)
        rb->cur->iteratorState = InitialState;

    switch (ctrl)
        case LeftRightWalk:     /* visit left, then self, then right */
            rb->iterate = rb_left_right_iterator;
        case RightLeftWalk:     /* visit right, then self, then left */
            rb->iterate = rb_right_left_iterator;
        case DirectWalk:        /* visit self, then left, then right */
            rb->iterate = rb_direct_iterator;
        case InvertedWalk:      /* visit left, then right, then self */
            rb->iterate = rb_inverted_iterator;
            elog(ERROR, "unrecognized rbtree iteration order: %d", ctrl);

RBTree* rb_create ( Size  node_size,
rb_comparator  comparator,
rb_combiner  combiner,
rb_allocfunc  allocfunc,
rb_freefunc  freefunc,
void *  arg 

Definition at line 114 of file rbtree.c.

References RBTree::allocfunc, RBTree::arg, Assert, RBTree::combiner, RBTree::comparator, RBTree::cur, RBTree::freefunc, RBTree::iterate, RBTree::node_size, palloc(), and RBTree::root.

Referenced by ginInitBA(), and gistrescan().

    RBTree     *tree = (RBTree *) palloc(sizeof(RBTree));

    Assert(node_size > sizeof(RBNode));

    tree->root = RBNIL;
    tree->cur = RBNIL;
    tree->iterate = NULL;
    tree->node_size = node_size;
    tree->comparator = comparator;
    tree->combiner = combiner;
    tree->allocfunc = allocfunc;
    tree->freefunc = freefunc;

    tree->arg = arg;

    return tree;

void rb_delete ( RBTree rb,
RBNode node 

Definition at line 647 of file rbtree.c.

References rb_delete_node().

Referenced by getNextGISTSearchItem().

    rb_delete_node(rb, node);

RBNode* rb_find ( RBTree rb,
const RBNode data 

Definition at line 159 of file rbtree.c.

References RBTree::arg, cmp(), RBTree::comparator, RBNode::left, RBNIL, RBNode::right, and RBTree::root.

    RBNode     *node = rb->root;

    while (node != RBNIL)
        int         cmp = rb->comparator(data, node, rb->arg);

        if (cmp == 0)
            return node;
        else if (cmp < 0)
            node = node->left;
            node = node->right;

    return NULL;

RBNode* rb_insert ( RBTree rb,
const RBNode data,
bool isNew 

Definition at line 405 of file rbtree.c.

References RBTree::allocfunc, RBTree::arg, RBNode::color, RBTree::combiner, RBTree::comparator, RBNode::iteratorState, RBNode::left, RBNode::parent, rb_copy_data(), rb_insert_fixup(), RBNIL, RBNode::right, and RBTree::root.

Referenced by ginInsertBAEntry(), and gistScanPage().

    RBNode     *current,
    int         cmp;

    /* find where node belongs */
    current = rb->root;
    parent = NULL;
    cmp = 0;                    /* just to prevent compiler warning */

    while (current != RBNIL)
        cmp = rb->comparator(data, current, rb->arg);
        if (cmp == 0)
             * Found node with given key.  Apply combiner.
            rb->combiner(current, data, rb->arg);
            *isNew = false;
            return current;
        parent = current;
        current = (cmp < 0) ? current->left : current->right;

     * Value is not present, so create a new node containing data.
    *isNew = true;

    x = rb->allocfunc (rb->arg);

    x->iteratorState = InitialState;
    x->color = RBRED;

    x->left = RBNIL;
    x->right = RBNIL;
    x->parent = parent;
    rb_copy_data(rb, x, data);

    /* insert node in tree */
    if (parent)
        if (cmp < 0)
            parent->left = x;
            parent->right = x;
        rb->root = x;

    rb_insert_fixup(rb, x);

    return x;

RBNode* rb_iterate ( RBTree rb  ) 

Definition at line 867 of file rbtree.c.

References RBTree::cur, RBTree::iterate, and RBNIL.

Referenced by ginGetBAEntry().

    if (rb->cur == RBNIL)
        return NULL;

    return rb->iterate(rb);

RBNode* rb_leftmost ( RBTree rb  ) 

Definition at line 187 of file rbtree.c.

References RBNode::left, RBNIL, and RBTree::root.

Referenced by getNextGISTSearchItem().

    RBNode     *node = rb->root;
    RBNode     *leftmost = rb->root;

    while (node != RBNIL)
        leftmost = node;
        node = node->left;

    if (leftmost != RBNIL)
        return leftmost;

    return NULL;