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uuid.h File Reference

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#define UUID_LEN   16
#define UUIDPGetDatum(X)   PointerGetDatum(X)
#define PG_RETURN_UUID_P(X)   return UUIDPGetDatum(X)
#define DatumGetUUIDP(X)   ((pg_uuid_t *) DatumGetPointer(X))


typedef struct pg_uuid_t pg_uuid_t

Define Documentation

#define DatumGetUUIDP (   X  )     ((pg_uuid_t *) DatumGetPointer(X))

Definition at line 26 of file uuid.h.

#define PG_GETARG_UUID_P (   X  )     DatumGetUUIDP(PG_GETARG_DATUM(X))
#define PG_RETURN_UUID_P (   X  )     return UUIDPGetDatum(X)

Definition at line 25 of file uuid.h.

Referenced by uuid_in().

#define UUID_LEN   16

Definition at line 18 of file uuid.h.

#define UUIDPGetDatum (   X  )     PointerGetDatum(X)

Definition at line 24 of file uuid.h.

Referenced by uuid_generate_v35_internal().

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct pg_uuid_t pg_uuid_t

Definition at line 21 of file uuid.h.