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Embedded DevKit Documentation

Documentation Conventions

Installing the Red Hat EDK

System Requirements

Installation Steps

To Report Installation Problems

Setting Up for Embedded Work

Setting Up Servers on the Host

Creating a Target Filesystem Image

Configuring and Building the Kernel

Setting up Targets

Setting up the x86 Target

Setting up the PowerPC Target

Embedded DevKit Basics

Creating a New Project

Working with a New Project

Using the Symbol Browser

Using the Project Editor

Using the Editor

Using the Cross-Reference Browser

Developing for Embedded Systems

Tutorial for Embedded Development

Creating the Build Rules for the Project

Build the Native Application

Working with an Embedded Target

Setting Up a Target Configuration

Changing the Build Rules for a Target Board

Build an Executable Application for a Target Board

Debug an Executable Application on a Target Board

Run the Executable Application

Working with Insight, the Debugger Interface

Using the Source Window

Using the Mouse in the Source Window

Source Window Menus and Display Features

Below the horizontal scroll bar of the Source Window

Using the Stack Window

Using the Registers Window

Using the Memory Window

Using the Watch Expressions Window

Using the Local Variables Window

Using the Breakpoints Window

Using the Console Window

Using the Function Browser Window

Using the Processes Window for Threads

Using the Help Window

Examples for Debugging with Insight

Selecting and Examining a Source File

Setting Breakpoints and Viewing Local Variables

Setting Breakpoints on Multiple Threads

Sources and Tools within the EDK

gcc, the GNU C Compiler

g++, the GNU C++ Compiler

gdb, the Debugging Tool

Insight, a Visual Debugger

libc, libm and libstdc++, the GNU Libraries

binutils, the GNU Binary Utilities

Other Development Tools

PowerPC Target-Specific issues

Compiling with PowerPC Targets

Assembler Usage for PowerPC Targets

x86 Target-Specific Issues

Compiling with x86 Targets

Assembler Usage for x86 Targets

Determining the Network Configuration

Finding an Ethernet Address for Embedded Targets

General Licenses and Terms for Using the Tools

Licensing Terms

GNU General Public License

How to Apply These Terms to Your New Programs

GNU Lesser General Public License

How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries

Tcl/Tk Tool Command Language and Windowing Toolkit License