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This fully hyperlinked set contains the documentation we have produced “in-house” as part of the Firebird Project. The docs were authored in DocBook XML and then rendered to HTML and PDF.

Just like the universe, this set is constantly expanding. Yet it contains only a fraction of all the Firebird documentation available today. If you miss anything here (believe me, you will) visit these URLs to find more:

Our docs in other languages:

For PDF versions, visit the Documentation Index (first link given above) or browse the directories at

The Firebird Documentation Subproject homepage is here:

Table of Contents

Using Firebird
1. About this book
2. About Firebird
3. About Clients and Servers
A. Document history
B. License notice
Firebird Database Documentation
Firebird 2 Quick Start Guide
Firebird 1.5 Quick Start Guide
Firebird 1.0 Quick Start Guide
Firebird File and Metadata Security
Firebird Null Guide
Firebird Generator Guide
Migration from MS-SQL to Firebird
Coexistence of Firebird 1.5 and InterBase 5.6 or 6.0
Firebird's nbackup tool
Firebird Commandline Utilities
1. Introduction
2. GSEC - Firebird Password File Utility
3. GSPLIT - Firebird Backup File Splitting Filter
4. Assorted Firebird Scripts On Linux/Unix Systems
5. Still to come ...
A. License notice
Documentation for Firebird docwriters
Getting and building the Firebird manual module
Firebird Docwriting Guide
Using non-Western fonts in your Firebird docs
Licenses for the Firebird documentation
Public Documentation License
Next: Using Firebird
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