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<#ftl param1=value1 param2=value2 ... paramN=valueN>



Tells information about the template for FreeMarker and for other tools, also helps programs to automatically detect if a text file is an FTL file. This directive, if present, must be the very first thing in the template. Any white-space before this directive will be ignored. The old-syntax (#-less) format of this directive is not supported.

The settings (encoding, white-space stripping, etc.) given here has the highest precedence, that is, they will be used for the template regardless of any FreeMarker configuration settings.


This directive also determines if the template uses angle bracket syntax (e.g. <#include 'foo.ftl'>) or square bracket syntax (e.g. [#include 'foo.ftl']). Simply, the syntax used for this directive will be the syntax used for the whole template, regardless of the FreeMarker configuration settings.

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