Support for Quixote and REST Etc

Author: Dave Kuhlman
Revision: 1.0a
Date: July 20, 2004
Copyright: Copyright (c) 2004 Dave Kuhlman. This documentation is covered by The MIT License:


Documentation and support for Quixote and some Quixote appropriate tasks.


1   Quixote and Apache and SCGI

For those who want to run Quixote on top of Apache and SCGI/mod_scgi, here is a document that explains how to set Quixote with Apache and SCGI:

2   Quixote and Medusa

For those who want to run Quixote on top of the Medusa Web server, here is a document that explains how to set up Quixote with Medusa:

3   Writing your first Quixote application

If you are new to Quixote, this how-to document might help you write your first application more quickly: A Quixote Application: Getting Started.

4   HTML scraping and Quixote

This document describes how to treat the Web and HTML Web pages as resources from which you can extract data. You can find it here:

5   Quixote User Interface How To

Here is some help with writing your user interface with Quixote:

6   A Quixote Application Skeleton

Here is help with constructing a Quixote application. It's an attempt enable you to create a Quixote application without starting from scratch. It also provides instructions on how to modify and customize the skeleton application.

Documentation is here:

The distribution file is here:

7   A Quixote Application for Generating Configuration Files

This small Quixote application is intended as an example or skeleton for applications that (1) request a few parameters from a user and then (2) generate a configuration (or other text) file from a template file.

Documentation is here:

The distribution file is here:

8   A Quixote Application Skeleton Generator

quixote_appgen is a Python application that generates a skeleton of a Quixote application. quixote_appgen reads an application specification from a configuration file, which is a Python module containing a Python data structure. quixote_appgen generates source code for a Quixote application to which you can "easily" add application specific code.

Documentation is here:

The distribution file is here:

9   Quixote and REST

I've also been investigating REST (representational state transfer).

Here is a REST how-to document that provides help with implementing RESTful applications on top of AOLserver, PyWX, and Quixote.

10   REST and FSM

I've also tried to develop a way to implement a complex process by casting it into an FSM (finite state machine) and then implementing that FSM in a REST-ful style on top of Quixote.

Here is an FSM how-to document explaining how to do that. Examples and support code are in

11   Workflow and REST

And, here is a workflow how-to document that describes support for generating REST-ful Quixote applications from an XML specification of an FSM or workflow. Examples and support code are in

12   FSM generator

This document on describes a more complete application generator for FSM/REST applications that run on top of Quixote. And, contains examples, supporting code, and the code that does the work.