Package org.red5.server.api

Interface Summary
IApplicationContext Interface that wraps the application server context.
IApplicationLoader Interface for servers that can load new applications.
IAttributeStore Base interface for all API objects with attributes
ICastingAttributeStore Attribute storage with automatic object casting support.
IClient The client object represents a single client.
IClientRegistry Provides a registry of client objects.
IConnection The connection object.
IContext The current context, this object basically wraps the Spring context or in the case of the .Net version, any similar system.
ICoreObject Base marker interface for all core objects.
IMappingStrategy This interface encapsulates the mapping strategy used by the context.
IServer The interface that represents the Red5 server.

Class Summary
Red5 Utility class for accessing Red5 API objects.

Enum Summary
IConnection.Encoding AMF version types, either AMF0 or AMF3.

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