Interface Summary

Class Summary
Abort RTMP Abort event.
Aggregate Aggregate data event
AllocationDebugger Simple allocation debugger for Event reference counting.
BaseEvent Base abstract class for all RTMP events
BytesRead Bytes read event
CachedEvent Provides a means for storage of RTMP events.
ChunkSize Chunk size event
ClientBW Client bandwidth event.
FlexMessage Flex method invocation.
FlexStreamSend AMF3 stream send message.
Invoke Remote invocation event
Notify Stream notification event
Ping Ping event, actually combination of different events.
SerializeUtils The utility class provides conversion methods to ease the use of byte arrays, Mina IoBuffers, and NIO ByteBuffers.
ServerBW Server bandwidth event.
SetBuffer Control message used to set a buffer.
SWFResponse Control message used in response to a SWF verification request.
Unknown Unknown event
VideoData Video data event

Enum Summary
VideoData.FrameType Videoframe type

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