JBoss 3.0 Documentation

May 2 2002

Table of Contents

1. First steps
Installing Ant
Installing JBoss
Downloading the Documentation Example Source
Creating the Bean
EJBs: review
Review the EJB Classes
The deployment descriptor
Packaging and deploying the bean
Coding and compiling the test client
2. Configuration
Directory structure
Configuration files
3. Using Databases and other Enterprise Resources
Resource Adapters
Examples for specific databases
Migration from older jboss versions
4. Feature Matrix: JBossCX (JBoss version 3.0)
Features of the JBoss JCA implementation
Sample configuration files
5. Using container-managed persistence
Container Managed Persistence - CMP
Creating the Beans
Packaging and deploying the Beans
Creating a test client
Discussion: container-managed persistence
6. Customizing JAWS
Specifying a datasource
JAWS Options
Telling JAWS about your tables
Declaring finders
Defining a type mapping
Dependant Value Objects [since JBoss 2.4]
7. Advanced container configuration : use of jboss.xml
What is jboss.xml?
Declaring Resource Reference
Specifying the deployment name of your beans
Declaring an EJB reference
Container configuration
Web container configuration : use of jboss-web.xml
8. JBoss and JMS
JMS Provider
Message Driven Beans and JBoss
JMS as a managed resource
9. JBossSX Security Extension Framework
EJB Security Overview
The JBoss Security Model
The JBossSX Default Security Manager: JaasSecurityManager
The Secure Remote Password(SRP) Protocol
Custom LoginModules
10. Development Tools and IDE Integration
Integrating JBuilder 4.0 Foundation with JBoss for source level debugging
How to Run and Debug EJBs using jBoss 2.2.2 inside of Visual Age for Java version 3.5 (patch 2)
Integrating NetBeans/Forte for Java Community Edition with JBoss for source level debugging
Using Verifier in Ant
How to generate Enterprise Java Beans with EJBDoclet (XDoclet)
11. JBoss in production
Hardware / OS / JVM
12. Container architecture - design notes
Client Objects
JMX - foundation of JBoss infrastructure
ContainerInvoker - Container entry point
Transaction support
Tracing the call through container
Using JBoss-Jetty (under construction)
How to Integrate a Web Container into JBoss
How to use Applets to access EJBs in JBoss
How to Integrate Custom Services via MBeans
JMX Connector Description and HowTo
How To use the Timer MBean
How To use the Timer MBean and Scheduler Service on JBoss 3
Deployment on JBoss
JAAS Based Security in JBoss
Using JavaMail in JBoss
EJX/AWT Development HowTo
External JNDI Configuration and JNDI Viewing
Customizing the JRMPContainerInvoker Socket Factories
Configuring and Using JAXP 1.1 In JBoss
Clustering in JBoss 3.0 alpha
14. Third Party Examples
Running the Examples from Enterprise JavaBeans, by Richard Monson-Haefel (Unix)
Deploying the Pet Store 1.1.2 Demo in JBoss
Deploying Cocoon 2 in JBoss
Using SSL with JBoss