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Deploying Web Applications

Jetty by default includes the etc/jetty-deploy.xml file in start.ini, which configures a web application deployer that hot deploys files found in the webapps directory. Standard WAR files and jetty configuration files that are placed in the webapps directory are hot deployed to the server with the following conventions:

If you have a standard web application, you can hot deploy it into Jetty by copying it into the webapps directory. Alternately, to test deployment you can copy the test web application provided:

> cp webapps/test.war webapps/myapp.war

The Jetty distribution comes with the following deployed in the webapps directory:


The Jetty welcome page served as static content.


The configuration file that deploys the demonstration web application in test.war using the extra configuration contained within test.d


The demonstration web application that is configured and deployed by test.xml


A directory containing additional configuration files used by test.xml


A web application demonstration of asynchronous REST to eBay.


A context configuration that deploys as static content the javadoc directory found at $jetty.home/javadoc


You should remove these demonstration web applications before using Jetty in production.

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