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What Version Do I Use?

Jetty 9 is the most recent version of Jetty and has a great many improvements over previous versions. One improvement is this documentation which focuses on Jetty 9. While many people continue to use older versions of Jetty, we generally recommend using Jetty 9 as it represents the version of Jetty that we will actively maintain and improve over the next few years.

Table 1.1. Jetty Versions

92012Eclipse1.7HTTP/1.1 RFC2616, WebSocket RFC 6455, SPDY v33.0 (3.1 branch)2.2Stable
82009-Eclipse/Codehaus1.6HTTP/1.1 RFC2616, WebSocket RFC 6455, SPDY v33.02.2Mature
72008-Eclipse/Codehaus1.5HTTP/1.1 RFC2616, WebSocket RFC 6455, SPDY v32.52.1Mature
62006-2010Codehaus1.4-1.5HTTP/1.1 RFC26162.52.0Venerable
52003-2009Sourceforge1.2-1.5HTTP/1.1 RFC26162.42.0Deprecated
42001-2006Sourceforge1.2, J2MEHTTP/1.1 RFC26162.31.2Ancient
31999-2002Sourceforge1.2HTTP/1.1 RFC20682.21.1Fossilized
21998-2000Mortbay1.1HTTP/1.0 RFC19452.11.0Legendary
11995-1998Mortbay1.0HTTP/1.0 RFC1945--Mythical

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