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Overview of Jigsaw

The Jigsaw server is entirely written in Java. Because of this, it offers the following features:

Jigsaw will run on any platform that supports Java, with no changes! Jigsaw has been reported to run on several platforms Jigsaw is made of a core and a set of extension modules. You can add your own modules, dynamically, to the server. Moreover, because the Java runtime comes with both threads and garbage collection, your job, as an extension writer, is largely simplified. The full code of the server is object-oriented. The interested thing is that all the resources are objects. By opposition to most of the existing servers, which consider a resource as being either a cgi script or a file. Jigsaw allows any object to become accessible via HTTP or whatever protocol implemented.

Quick Start

You will find here the basics on how to install and run the server.

Basic Concepts

Jigsaw Configuration

You will find here the basics on how to install and run the server to the description of the most complex configuration you can do with Jigsaw.


Answers to all the Frequently Asked Questions about Jigsaw and its use.

Programmer's Documentation

You will find here the description of Jigsaw from a programmer point of view, and indications on how to extend it to fulfill your needs.