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Command Line Options

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java org.w3c.jigsaw.Main [options]

The available options are:

-root root-directory

The root directory is the one in which Jigsaw will run. By default, this is the directory in which Jigsaw is being run. That directory should (if no other command line options are provided) contain at least:

A config directory
Containing the server's configuration
A logs directory
Where Jigsaw will emit its log files.
A WWW directory
Containing the document to serve.

-space space-directory (deprecated)

The space directory is the directory that contains the actual documents to be served by Jigsaw. If this command line option is not provided the space directory defaults to the WWW directory under the current root directory.

-config config-directory

The config directory is the directory containing Jigsaw's configuration. It is possible for two different servers to share the same space directory, but only one server can be run within a given configuration.

This directory defaults to the config directory under the root directory.

-host hostname (deprecated)

Fully qualified host name of the host running Jigsaw. Java1.0.2 doesn't provide the necessary support to discover that information, and it might also be usefull if your machine supports several names (ie DNS aliases).

By default the hostname used by the server is the result of that expression:


-port port (deprecated)

The TCP port number Jigsaw should be listening at. By default Jigsaw listen on port 8001. On UNIX, you may want to try the supported native code to run Jigsaw on port 80 (check the appropriate FAQ entry).


Enables tracing of all requests/replies. This command line option does not take precedence over the current value of the w3c.jigsaw.trace property, as defined in the config/http-server.props file.

By default this toggle is set of false.


Prevent any automatic upgrade of Jigsaw's configuration. By default Jigsaw will automatically upgrade the configuration if needed, if this flag is set, Jigsaw will just emit an error, stating that your configuration needs to be upgraded.

-maxstores number

Max number of stores in memory.


Display online help for all above options.