»2. A list of all Privs

The following is a complete privilege reference.

User Privileges


Accounts - Expiring. Allows a user to view paid accounts that are going to expire soon


Administer priviledges. Allows a user to grant or revoke privileges to/from other users. Argument: Unique privcode that the user has access to grant/deny for, or "*" for all privileges.


Allow Open Proxy. Allows a user to set an IP address as being allowed if it's listed as an open proxy.


Beta Test Features. Allows a user to access new features that are under development. Argument: Feature codename


View All Entries. Allows a user to view information that isn't otherwise available. All use is logged. Argument: Arg="*": can view everything, Arg="suspended": can view public posts in a suspended journal, Arg="styles": can see private styles.


Change Journal Type. Allows a user to change another user's journal type.


Community Maintainer Transfer. Allows a user to change the maintainer of a community.


Delete Contributions. Allows a user to delete contributions from idiots.


Edit Contributions. Allows a user to edit contributions.


Delete Comments. Allows a user to delete comments from other journals. Only used in rare cases, like people posting other users' phone numbers to be mean.


Directory Sync. Allows a user to FTP files and have them copied over to the main site's document roots. An example argument would be: "client/win32=files/bin/clients/win32". Argument: Unique path of the form "devftppath=htdocpath"


FAQ - Add. Allows a user to add documents to the Frequently Asked Questions. Argument: Unique faq category code that the privilege is applicable for, or "*" for all faq categories.


FAQ - Edit Categories. Allows a user to modify FAQ categories.


FAQ - Edit. Allows a user to edit documents in the Frequently Asked Questions. Argument: Unique FAQ category code that the privilege is applicable for, or "*" for all faq categories


File Editing. Allows a user to edit a static file in the main site's document include tree. Argument: Unique file identifier, or "*" for all files


Find a user. Allows a user to find other users by different criteria. Argument: Optional "codetrace", which allows the user to see someone's use of account codes.


Generate Codes. Allows a user to generate unlimited numbers of invite codes.


Grant Permanent Account. Allows a user to grant another account a Permanent Account


View statushistory info. Allows a user to view data in the "statushistory" table for all users. Argument: Type of "statushistory" entries user can see, or no argument to see everything.


Money - Enter Payments. Allows a user to record payments for paid accounts.


Money - Search for payments. Allows a user to search for payments entered.


Money - View Detailed Records. Allows a user to see details about incoming money.


Mood Themes - Manager. Allows a user to edit mood themes and make themes public.


Reset User Email Address. Allows a user to delete all email addresses from an account.


Reset User Password. Allows a user to reset the password to an account


Edit Schema Documentation. Allows a user to edit the database schema documentation.


Shared Journal - Admin. Allows a user to add or remove people's access to post in a shared journal. Argument: Community/shared journal username that's being administrated, or "*" for all journals.


Administer Site. Allows a user to view/adjust certain critical site settings. Argument: Unique keyword that user has access to view


Support - Change Summaries. Allows a user to change the summary on support requests. Argument: Unique support category


Support - Close Requests. Allows a user to close old support requests that other users haven't closed themselves. Argument: Unique support category that the user has permission to close in.


Support - Delete Requests. Allows a user to delete duplicate or fake support requests.


Support - Manage Requests. Allows a user to approve screened responses, change request summaries and answer and comment unscreened. Argument: Unique Support Category


Support - Make Internal Comments. Allows a user to make internal comments on support requests. Argument: Unique support category


Support - Move and Touch Requests. Allows a user to move support requests to different categories and to mark requests as still needing help. The supportmakeinternal privilege is required. Argument: Unique support category


Support - Read Requests. Allows a user to read support requests in private categories. Argument: Unique support category


Support - View Internal Comments. Allows a user to view internal comments on support requests. Argument: Unique support category


Support - See Screened Responses. Allows a user to read screened responses on support requests. Argument: Unique support category


Suspend accounts. Allows a user to suspend or unsuspend user accounts. Used by the Abuse Team.


Edit Syndicated Settings. Allows editing settings of syndicated journal that shouldn't be editable by users.


Modify System Bans. Allows a user to modify bans with the sysban mechanism. Argument: A specific ban type the user can modify, or "*" for all ban type.


Topic Dir - Add Topics. Allows a user to add/approve/deny new topics within a category. Argument: Unique category number that the user has access in, or "*" for all categories.


Topic Dir - Manager. Allows a user to have all access to administrative functions of the topic directory. They can then create/edit topics, create/edit topic categories, etc.


Topic Dir - Screen Submissions. Allows a user to approve or deny entries that are submitted to the directory. Argument: Unique category number that the user has access in, or "*" for all categories


Translate/Update Text. Allows a user to edit site text in a given language. Argument: Unique language code, optionally appended by |domainid.domaincode


View All Entries. Allows a user to view entries that aren't otherwise available. No argument means the user can view all entries, regardless of security. Arg="suspended" means the user can view public posts in a suspended journal. All use is logged.