»Chapter 12. Finishing Up

You should now just about have a working LiveJournal installation. There are many things you can still do, but all are outside the scope of this document.

Configuration check.  To check that everything is setup okay, you should run the provided configuration checking tool, located at $LJHOME/bin/checkconfig.pl. checkconfig.pl will check for missing perl modules, attempt to connect to your database, and do other checks to ensure everything will work smoothly.

Start things up. If you haven't restarted Apache, you'll want to do that now:

# apachectl stop
# apachectl start
Note that doing a "graceful" or "restart" is not guaranteed to work. The LiveJournal code doesn't implement any mod_perl restart handlers, and weird things have been reported to happen using apachectl restart.

The system user.  To administrate your site properly, you will need to create the system user that'll have privileges to give privileges to other users:

$ $LJHOME/bin/upgrading/make_system.pl
It'll prompt you for the password to use for the system account and then sets it all up.You now have the ability to login to your LJ site as user “system” with the password you set and then grant priviledges from the admin section to other users: http://your-lj-server/admin/priv/

If you have any questions, join the "lj_everywhere"[o]» community on LiveJournal.com and post your questions. We'd love to help you out.