»Chapter 5. Requirements

Software.  The main software components you need for a working LiveJournal installation are as follows (the recommended version is noted):

Version 5.6.1
Version 3.23.57
Version 1.3.28
Version 1.28

Apache 2 & mod_perl 2

At this time, LiveJournal has not been ported to & will not work with Apache 2 & mod_perl 2.

Perl Module Dependencies.  A complete list of modules need to run a LiveJournal installation can be found at Section 2: Installing Perl Modules. Some modules such as GD and Compress::Zlib require certain system libraries to be pre-installed on your machine in order to work. The author-provided README files for perl modules explain what is necessary.

Hardware.  There are no specific hardware requirements for a LiveJournal installation, but Apache/mod_perl and MySQL can utilize a lot of memory very quickly. Determining the right amount of processor speed, storage space, and RAM depends on how busy your LiveJournal installation will be. A simple rule of thumb to remember is that posts and comments drive site traffic, not necessarily the presence of more users.