This is a comprehensive manual aimed towards people wishing to use the LiveJournal set of tools for their online-community needs. Topics covered are installation, customization, and administration, with included information on built-in LiveJournal features, and a brief glimpse into what LiveJournal is, and how it can be used to its fullest.

Target Audience.  This book was written for anyone interested in setting up and maintaining a LiveJournal powered site, be it for intra or inter net purposes.

Readers of this book should be familiar with administering a web site and should have a thorough knowledge of whatever system they are installing LiveJournal on.

Organization of this manual

Part I - Introduction

A basic introduction to LiveJournal

Part II - Installation

Step by step instructions for installing LiveJournal on a server

Part III - Customization

Instructions for customizing a LiveJournal installation

Part IV - Administration

A guide to administering a LiveJournal site

Part V - Features

Introductions and instructions to different LiveJournal features

Versions.  LiveJournal maintains an online version of this book at: http://www.livejournal.com/doc/server/lj.index.html[o]» To compile these pages for your own, refer to: /doc/raw/notes.txt in CVS.