LJ::get_recent_items — Returns journal entries for a given account.


LJ::get_recent_items(dbarg, opts);


  • dbarg. Deprecated; a master database handle ($dbh) or a master/slave set of database handles ($dbs).

  • opts. Hashref of options with keys: -- err: scalar ref to return error code/msg in -- userid -- remote: remote user's $u -- remoteid: id of remote user -- clusterid: clusterid of userid -- clustersource: if value 'slave', uses replicated databases -- order: if 'logtime', sorts by logtime, not eventtime -- friendsview: if true, sorts by logtime, not eventtime -- notafter: upper bound inclusive for rlogtime/revttime (depending on sort mode), defaults to no limit -- skip: items to skip -- itemshow: items to show -- viewall: if set, no security is used. -- dateformat: if "S2", uses S2's 'alldatepart' format. -- itemids: optional arrayref onto which itemids should be pushed




array of hashrefs containing keys: -- itemid (the jitemid) -- posterid -- security -- alldatepart (in S1 or S2 fmt, depending on 'dateformat' req key) -- ownerid (if in 'friendsview' mode) -- rlogtime (if in 'friendsview' mode)