LJ::ljuser — Make link to userinfo/journal of user.


LJ::ljuser(user, opts);


  • user. Username to link to, or user hashref.

  • opts. Optional hashref to control output. Key 'full' when true causes a link to the mode=full userinfo. Key 'type' when 'C' makes a community link, when 'Y' makes a syndicated account link, when 'N' makes a news account link, otherwise makes a user account link. If user parameter is a hashref, its 'journaltype' overrides this 'type'. Key 'del', when true, makes a tag for a deleted user. If user parameter is a hashref, its 'statusvis' overrides 'del'. Key 'no_follow', when true, disables traversal of renamed users.


Returns the HTML for a userinfo/journal link pair for a given user name, just like LJUSER does in BML. This is for files like cleanhtml.pl and ljpoll.pl which need this functionality too, but they aren't run as BML.




HTML with a little head image & bold text link.