LJ::Talk::can_delete — Determines if a user can delete a comment or entry. Basically, you can delete anything you've posted. You can delete anything posted in something you own (i.e. a comment in your journal, a comment to an entry you made in a community). You can also delete any item in an account you have the "A"dministration edge for.


LJ::Talk::can_delete(remote, u, up, userpost);


  • remote. User object we're checking access of. From LJ::get_remote.

  • u. Username or object of the account the thing is located in.

  • up. Username or object of person who owns the parent of the thing. (I.e. the poster of the entry a comment is in.)

  • userpost. Username (NOT object) of person who posted the item.




Boolean indicating whether remote is allowed to delete the thing specified by the other options.