XML-RPC Client/Server Protocol Reference

This the XML-RPC[o]»[10] version of the Client/Server protocol. XML-RPC allows programs to make procedure calls over the internet, regardless of differing operating systems and environments. It's also handy for returning preconstructed libraries of information (instead of having to have your program parse the regular server feedback).

In order to use the XML-RPC interface, make sure your client is referencing the /interface/xmlrpc section of the LiveJournal site it is communicating with.

Method Names

The full title of each method is actually LJ.XMLRPC.foo, where foo is the short name given below:

Table of Contents

checkfriends - Checks to see if your friends list has been updated since a specified time.
consolecommand - Run an administrative command.
editevent - Edit or delete a user's past journal entry
editfriendgroups - Edit the user's defined groups of friends.
editfriends - Add, edit, or delete friends from the user's friends list.
friendof - Returns a list of which other LiveJournal users list this user as their friend.
getchallenge - Generate a server challenge string for authentication.
getdaycounts - This mode retrieves the number of journal entries per day.
getevents - Download parts of the user's journal.
getfriends - Returns a list of which other LiveJournal users this user lists as their friend.
getfriendgroups - Retrieves a list of the user's defined groups of friends.
login - validate user's password and get base information needed for client to function
postevent - The most important mode, this is how a user actually submits a new log entry to the server.
sessionexpire - Expires session cookies.
sessiongenerate - Generate a session cookie.
syncitems - Returns a list of all the items that have been created or updated for a user.

[10] For the XML-RPC spec, see: http://www.xmlrpc.com/spec[o]»