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ippasync.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
#include <ipp_async_op.h>
#include <ipp_async_accel.h>




void cv::hpp::copyHppToMat (hppiMatrix *src, Mat &dst, hppAccel accel, int cn)
 Convert hppiMatrix to Mat. More...
hppiMatrix * cv::hpp::getHpp (const Mat &src, hppAccel accel)
 Create hppiMatrix from Mat. More...
Mat cv::hpp::getMat (hppiMatrix *src, hppAccel accel, int cn)
 Create Mat from hppiMatrix. More...
int cv::hpp::toCvType (const int hppType)
 convert hppDataType to OpenCV data type More...
int cv::hpp::toHppType (const int cvType)
 convert OpenCV data type to hppDataType More...