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cv::detail::MatchesInfo Struct Reference

Structure containing information about matches between two images. More...

#include "matchers.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 MatchesInfo ()
 MatchesInfo (const MatchesInfo &other)
const MatchesInfooperator= (const MatchesInfo &other)

Public Attributes

double confidence
 Confidence two images are from the same panorama. More...
int dst_img_idx
 Images indices (optional) More...
Mat H
 Estimated homography. More...
std::vector< ucharinliers_mask
 Geometrically consistent matches mask. More...
std::vector< DMatchmatches
int num_inliers
 Number of geometrically consistent matches. More...
int src_img_idx

Detailed Description

Structure containing information about matches between two images.

It's assumed that there is a homography between those images.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::detail::MatchesInfo::MatchesInfo ( )
cv::detail::MatchesInfo::MatchesInfo ( const MatchesInfo other)

Member Function Documentation

const MatchesInfo& cv::detail::MatchesInfo::operator= ( const MatchesInfo other)

Member Data Documentation

double cv::detail::MatchesInfo::confidence

Confidence two images are from the same panorama.

int cv::detail::MatchesInfo::dst_img_idx

Images indices (optional)

Mat cv::detail::MatchesInfo::H

Estimated homography.

std::vector<uchar> cv::detail::MatchesInfo::inliers_mask

Geometrically consistent matches mask.

std::vector<DMatch> cv::detail::MatchesInfo::matches
int cv::detail::MatchesInfo::num_inliers

Number of geometrically consistent matches.

int cv::detail::MatchesInfo::src_img_idx

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