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cv::viz::KeyboardEvent Class Reference

This class represents a keyboard event. More...

#include "types.hpp"

Public Types

enum  {
  NONE = 0,
  ALT = 1,
  CTRL = 2,
  SHIFT = 4
enum  Action {
  KEY_UP = 0,
  KEY_DOWN = 1

Public Member Functions

 KeyboardEvent (Action action, const String &symbol, unsigned char code, int modifiers)
 Constructs a KeyboardEvent. More...

Public Attributes

Action action
unsigned char code
int modifiers
String symbol

Detailed Description

This class represents a keyboard event.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::viz::KeyboardEvent::KeyboardEvent ( Action  action,
const String symbol,
unsigned char  code,
int  modifiers 

Constructs a KeyboardEvent.

actionSignals if key is pressed or released.
symbolName of the key.
codeCode of the key.
modifiersSignals if alt, ctrl or shift are pressed or their combination.

Member Data Documentation

Action cv::viz::KeyboardEvent::action
unsigned char cv::viz::KeyboardEvent::code
int cv::viz::KeyboardEvent::modifiers
String cv::viz::KeyboardEvent::symbol

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