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opengl.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core.hpp"
#include "ocl.hpp"


class  cv::ogl::Arrays
 Wrapper for OpenGL Client-Side Vertex arrays. More...
class  cv::ogl::Buffer
 Smart pointer for OpenGL buffer object with reference counting. More...
class  cv::ogl::Texture2D
 Smart pointer for OpenGL 2D texture memory with reference counting. More...




enum  cv::ogl::RenderModes {
  cv::ogl::POINTS = 0x0000,
  cv::ogl::LINES = 0x0001,
  cv::ogl::LINE_LOOP = 0x0002,
  cv::ogl::LINE_STRIP = 0x0003,
  cv::ogl::TRIANGLES = 0x0004,
  cv::ogl::TRIANGLE_STRIP = 0x0005,
  cv::ogl::TRIANGLE_FAN = 0x0006,
  cv::ogl::QUADS = 0x0007,
  cv::ogl::QUAD_STRIP = 0x0008,
  cv::ogl::POLYGON = 0x0009
 render mode More...


void cv::ogl::convertFromGLTexture2D (const Texture2D &texture, OutputArray dst)
 Converts Texture2D object to OutputArray. More...
void cv::ogl::convertToGLTexture2D (InputArray src, Texture2D &texture)
 Converts InputArray to Texture2D object. More...
Contextcv::ogl::ocl::initializeContextFromGL ()
 Creates OpenCL context from GL. More...
UMat cv::ogl::mapGLBuffer (const Buffer &buffer, int accessFlags=ACCESS_READ|ACCESS_WRITE)
 Maps Buffer object to process on CL side (convert to UMat). More...
void cv::ogl::render (const Texture2D &tex, Rect_< double > wndRect=Rect_< double >(0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0), Rect_< double > texRect=Rect_< double >(0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0))
 Render OpenGL texture or primitives. More...
void cv::ogl::render (const Arrays &arr, int mode=POINTS, Scalar color=Scalar::all(255))
void cv::ogl::render (const Arrays &arr, InputArray indices, int mode=POINTS, Scalar color=Scalar::all(255))
void cv::cuda::setGlDevice (int device=0)
 Sets a CUDA device and initializes it for the current thread with OpenGL interoperability. More...
void cv::ogl::unmapGLBuffer (UMat &u)
 Unmaps Buffer object (releases UMat, previously mapped from Buffer). More...