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Optional information about a location in Code. More...

#include "call_meta_data.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 CallMetaData ()
 Creates an unknown location. More...
 CallMetaData (const char *file, size_t line, const char *function)
 Creates the provided location. More...
 operator bool ()

Public Attributes

const char * file
const char * function
const bool isKnown
 Whether *this holds actual data. More...
const size_t line

Detailed Description

Optional information about a location in Code.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cvv::impl::CallMetaData::CallMetaData ( )

Creates an unknown location.

cvv::impl::CallMetaData::CallMetaData ( const char *  file,
size_t  line,
const char *  function 

Creates the provided location.

Argument should be self-explaining.

Member Function Documentation

cvv::impl::CallMetaData::operator bool ( )

Member Data Documentation

const char* cvv::impl::CallMetaData::file
const char* cvv::impl::CallMetaData::function
const bool cvv::impl::CallMetaData::isKnown

Whether *this holds actual data.

const size_t cvv::impl::CallMetaData::line

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