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Super Resolution


class  cv::superres::BroxOpticalFlow
class  cv::superres::DenseOpticalFlowExt
class  cv::superres::DualTVL1OpticalFlow
class  cv::superres::FarnebackOpticalFlow
class  cv::superres::FrameSource
class  cv::superres::PyrLKOpticalFlow
class  cv::superres::SuperResolution
 Base class for Super Resolution algorithms. More...


Ptr< FrameSource > cv::superres::createFrameSource_Camera (int deviceId=0)
Ptr< FrameSource > cv::superres::createFrameSource_Empty ()
Ptr< FrameSource > cv::superres::createFrameSource_Video (const String &fileName)
Ptr< FrameSource > cv::superres::createFrameSource_Video_CUDA (const String &fileName)
Ptr< BroxOpticalFlow > cv::superres::createOptFlow_Brox_CUDA ()
Ptr< DualTVL1OpticalFlow > cv::superres::createOptFlow_DualTVL1 ()
Ptr< DualTVL1OpticalFlow > cv::superres::createOptFlow_DualTVL1_CUDA ()
Ptr< FarnebackOpticalFlow > cv::superres::createOptFlow_Farneback ()
Ptr< FarnebackOpticalFlow > cv::superres::createOptFlow_Farneback_CUDA ()
Ptr< PyrLKOpticalFlow > cv::superres::createOptFlow_PyrLK_CUDA ()
Ptr< SuperResolution > cv::superres::createSuperResolution_BTVL1 ()
 Create Bilateral TV-L1 Super Resolution. More...
Ptr< SuperResolution > cv::superres::createSuperResolution_BTVL1_CUDA ()

Detailed Description

The Super Resolution module contains a set of functions and classes that can be used to solve the problem of resolution enhancement. There are a few methods implemented, most of them are descibed in the papers [41] and [102] .

Function Documentation

Ptr<FrameSource> cv::superres::createFrameSource_Camera ( int  deviceId = 0)
Ptr<FrameSource> cv::superres::createFrameSource_Empty ( )
Ptr<FrameSource> cv::superres::createFrameSource_Video ( const String fileName)
Ptr<FrameSource> cv::superres::createFrameSource_Video_CUDA ( const String fileName)
Ptr<BroxOpticalFlow> cv::superres::createOptFlow_Brox_CUDA ( )
Ptr<DualTVL1OpticalFlow> cv::superres::createOptFlow_DualTVL1 ( )
Ptr<DualTVL1OpticalFlow> cv::superres::createOptFlow_DualTVL1_CUDA ( )
Ptr<FarnebackOpticalFlow> cv::superres::createOptFlow_Farneback ( )
Ptr<FarnebackOpticalFlow> cv::superres::createOptFlow_Farneback_CUDA ( )
Ptr<PyrLKOpticalFlow> cv::superres::createOptFlow_PyrLK_CUDA ( )
Ptr<SuperResolution> cv::superres::createSuperResolution_BTVL1 ( )

Create Bilateral TV-L1 Super Resolution.

This class implements Super Resolution algorithm described in the papers [41] and [102] .

Here are important members of the class that control the algorithm, which you can set after constructing the class instance:

  • int scale Scale factor.
  • int iterations Iteration count.
  • double tau Asymptotic value of steepest descent method.
  • double lambda Weight parameter to balance data term and smoothness term.
  • double alpha Parameter of spacial distribution in Bilateral-TV.
  • int btvKernelSize Kernel size of Bilateral-TV filter.
  • int blurKernelSize Gaussian blur kernel size.
  • double blurSigma Gaussian blur sigma.
  • int temporalAreaRadius Radius of the temporal search area.
  • Ptr<DenseOpticalFlowExt> opticalFlow Dense optical flow algorithm.
Ptr<SuperResolution> cv::superres::createSuperResolution_BTVL1_CUDA ( )