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pose_3d.hpp File Reference
#include "opencv2/core/cvstd.hpp"
#include <vector>
#include <string>


class  cv::ppf_match_3d::Pose3D
 Class, allowing the storage of a pose. The data structure stores both the quaternions and the matrix forms. It supports IO functionality together with various helper methods to work with poses. More...
class  cv::ppf_match_3d::PoseCluster3D
 When multiple poses (see Pose3D) are grouped together (contribute to the same transformation) pose clusters occur. This class is a general container for such groups of poses. It is possible to store, load and perform IO on these poses. More...




typedef Ptr< Pose3D > cv::ppf_match_3d::Pose3DPtr
typedef Ptr< PoseCluster3D > cv::ppf_match_3d::PoseCluster3DPtr

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