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CvFont Struct Reference

#include "imgproc_c.h"

Public Attributes

const int * ascii
 font data and metrics More...
CvScalar color
const int * cyrillic
float dx
 horizontal interval between letters More...
int font_face
const int * greek
float hscale
int line_type
 Qt: PointSize. More...
const char * nameFont
float shear
 slope coefficient: 0 - normal, >0 - italic More...
int thickness
 Qt: weight /** letters thickness */. More...
float vscale

Detailed Description

Font structure

Member Data Documentation

const int* CvFont::ascii

font data and metrics

CvScalar CvFont::color
const int* CvFont::cyrillic
float CvFont::dx

horizontal interval between letters

int CvFont::font_face
const int* CvFont::greek
float CvFont::hscale
int CvFont::line_type

Qt: PointSize.

const char* CvFont::nameFont
float CvFont::shear

slope coefficient: 0 - normal, >0 - italic

int CvFont::thickness

Qt: weight /** letters thickness */.

float CvFont::vscale

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