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cv::detail::Graph Class Reference

#include "util.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 Graph (int num_vertices=0)
void addEdge (int from, int to, float weight)
void create (int num_vertices)
template<typename B >
forEach (B body) const
int numVertices () const
template<typename B >
walkBreadthFirst (int from, B body) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cv::detail::Graph::Graph ( int  num_vertices = 0)

Member Function Documentation

void cv::detail::Graph::addEdge ( int  from,
int  to,
float  weight 
void cv::detail::Graph::create ( int  num_vertices)
template<typename B >
B cv::detail::Graph::forEach ( body) const
int cv::detail::Graph::numVertices ( ) const
template<typename B >
B cv::detail::Graph::walkBreadthFirst ( int  from,
) const

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