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Structured forests for fast edge detection


class  cv::ximgproc::RFFeatureGetter
class  cv::ximgproc::StructuredEdgeDetection
 Class implementing edge detection algorithm from [33] : More...


Ptr< RFFeatureGetter > cv::ximgproc::createRFFeatureGetter ()
Ptr< StructuredEdgeDetection > cv::ximgproc::createStructuredEdgeDetection (const String &model, Ptr< const RFFeatureGetter > howToGetFeatures=Ptr< RFFeatureGetter >())

Detailed Description

This module contains implementations of modern structured edge detection algorithms, i.e. algorithms which somehow takes into account pixel affinities in natural images.

Function Documentation

Ptr<RFFeatureGetter> cv::ximgproc::createRFFeatureGetter ( )
Ptr<StructuredEdgeDetection> cv::ximgproc::createStructuredEdgeDetection ( const String model,
Ptr< const RFFeatureGetter howToGetFeatures = PtrRFFeatureGetter >() 

The only constructor

model: name of the file where the model is stored
howToGetFeatures: optional object inheriting from RFFeatureGetter. You need it only if you would like to train your own forest, pass NULL otherwise