Dodatek A. Zend Framework PHP Coding Standard

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A.1. Overview
A.1.1. Scope
A.1.2. Goals
A.2. PHP File Formatting
A.2.1. General
A.2.2. Indentation
A.2.3. Maximum Line Length
A.2.4. Line Termination
A.3. Naming Conventions
A.3.1. Classes
A.3.2. Interfaces
A.3.3. Filenames
A.3.4. Functions and Methods
A.3.5. Variables
A.3.6. Constants
A.4. Coding Style
A.4.1. PHP Code Demarcation
A.4.2. Strings
A.4.3. Arrays
A.4.4. Classes
A.4.5. Functions and Methods
A.4.6. Control Statements
A.4.7. Inline Documentation

A.1. Overview

A.1.1. Scope

This document provides the guidelines and resources for developers and teams developing or developing on the Zend Framework. The subjects covered are:

  • PHP File Formatting

  • Naming Conventions

  • Coding Style

  • Inline Documentation

A.1.2. Goals

Good coding standards are important in any development project, but particularly when multiple developers are working on the same project. Having coding standards helps ensure that the code is of high quality, has fewer bugs, and is easily maintained.