Red Hat Network 3.6

Client Configuration Guide

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Client Applications
2.1. Deploying the Latest Red Hat Network Client RPMs
2.2. Configuring the Client Applications
2.2.1. Registering with Activation Keys
2.2.2. Using the --configure Option
2.2.3. Updating the Configuration Files Manually
2.3. Configuring the Red Hat Network Alert Notification Tool with Satellite
3. SSL Infrastructure
3.1. A Brief Introduction To SSL
3.2. The RHN SSL Maintenance Tool
3.2.1. SSL Generation Explained
3.2.2. RHN SSL Maintenance Tool Options
3.2.3. Generating the Certificate Authority SSL Key Pair
3.2.4. Generating Web Server SSL Key Sets
3.3. Deploying the CA SSL Public Certificate to Clients
3.4. Configuring Client Systems
4. Importing Custom GPG Keys
5. Using RHN Bootstrap
5.1. Preparation
5.2. Generation
5.3. Script Use
5.4. RHN Bootstrap Options
6. Manually Scripting the Configuration
7. Implementing Kickstart
A. Sample Bootstrap Script