Theano Citation PolicyΒΆ

If you use Theano for academic research, you are highly encouraged (though not required) to cite the following two papers:

Theano is primarily developed by academics, and so citations matter a lot to us. As an added benefit, you increase Theano’s exposure and potential user (and developer) base, which is to the benefit of all users of Theano. Thanks in advance!

Previously, we only asked users of Theano to cite the original 2010 paper. However, this policy did not give appropriate credit to the many members of our community who have contributed to Theano in the meantime.

In the future, we intend to introduce new papers periodically (hopefully approximately once per year) with a comprehensive author list. As soon as one of these papers is prepared, we will only ask for users to cite the single most recent paper with the most comprehensive author list.