How to make a release

Update files

Update the NEWS.txt and move the old stuff in the HISTORY.txt file. To update the NEWS.txt file, check all ticket closed for this release and all commit log messages. Update the index.txt News section.

Update the “Vision”/”Vision State” in the file Theano/doc/introduction.txt.

Get a fresh copy of the repository

Clone the code:

git clone [email protected]:Theano/Theano.git Theano-0.X

It does not have to be in your PYTHONPATH.

Update the version number

Edit to contain the newest version number

cd Theano-0.X
vi     # Edit the MAJOR, MINOR, MICRO and SUFFIX in the doc/ directory should be updated in the following ways:

  • Change the version and release variables to new version number.
  • Change the upper copyright year to the current year if necessary.

Update the year in the Theano/LICENSE.txt file too, if necessary.

NEWS.txt usually contains the name and date of the release, change them too.

Update the code and the documentation for the theano flags warn.ignore_bug_before to accept the new version. You must modify the file theano/ and doc/library/config.txt.

Tag the release

You will need to commit the previous changes, tag the resulting version, and push that into the original repository. The syntax is something like the following:

git commit -m "Modifications for 0.X.Y release" doc/ NEWS.txt HISTORY.txt theano/ doc/library/config.txt
git tag -a rel-0.X.Y
git push
git push --tags

The documentation will be automatically regenerated in the next few hours.

Generate and upload the package

For release candidates, only upload on PyPI.


Now change ISRELEASED in to True.

Finally, use setuptools to register and upload the release:

python register sdist --formats=gztar,zip upload

This command register and uploads the package on To be able to do that, you must register on PyPI (you can create an new account, or use OpenID), and be listed among the “Package Index Owners” of Theano.

There is a bug in some versions of distutils that raises a UnicodeDecodeError if there are non-ASCII characters in NEWS.txt. You would need to change NEWS.txt so it contains only ASCII characters (the problem usually comes from diacritics in people’s names).


Project page is at Account jaberg is listed as submitter.

  1. log in as jaberg to mloss
  2. search for theano and click the logo
  3. press ‘update this project’ on the left and change
  • the version number
  • the download link
  • the description of what has changed
  1. press save

Make sure the “what’s changed” text isn’t too long because it will show up on the front page of mloss. You have to indent bullet lines by 4 spaces I think in the description.

You can “update this project” and save lots of times to get the revision text right. Just do not change the version number.


Change ISRELEASED back to False.

Generate and upload the Windows installer

We are now able to build and distribute an MSI installer for Windows, assuming that Anaconda is the installed Python distribution. This installer is generated by WiX from an XML file, stored in the Theano-wininstaller Git repository.

  • Install WiX if it is not already installed.

  • On a Windows machine, checkout the Theano-wininstaller repository:

    git checkout
  • In Theano-wininstaller\src, create a new theano_installer_<version>.wxs from the previous one. We want to keep a history of these files, as they contain globally unique IDs.

  • Change the strings and GUIDs appropriately, see the WiX tutorial for a reference.

  • Compile the .wxs file following the instructions in it, it will be something like:

    candle.exe theano_installer_<version>.wxs
    light.exe -ext WixUIExtension theano_installer_<version>.wixobj

    This will generate a theano_installer_<version>.msi file in src.

  • Test it by trying to install and uninstall it. It can be done by double-clicking on it, then uninstalling it from the Windows control panel, or (more easily) from the command line, which also allows to save the logs (use the *v modifier to increase verbosity):

    msiexec /i <file>.msi [/l[*v] install.log]
    msiexec /x <file>.msi [/l[*v] uninstall.log]
  • When the test works, copy theano_installer_<version>.msi into Theano-wininstaller\bin, overwrite bin\theano_installer_latest.msi with another copy, then add the new files into the Git repository, and push to master:

    copy src\theano_installer_<version>.msi bin\
    copy /y src\theano_installer_<version>.msi bin\theano_installer_latest.msi
    git add src\theano_installer_<version>.wxs
    git add bin\theano_installer_<version>.msi
    git add bin\theano_installer_latest.msi
    git commit
    git push

Announce the release

Generate an e-mail from the template in in EMAIL.txt, including content from NEWS.txt, and send it to the following mailing lists:

For release candidates, only e-mail:

  • theano-announce
  • theano-dev
  • theano-users