Unity provides a number of preference panels to allow you to customise the behaviour of the editor.


Auto RefreshShould the editor update assets automatically as they change?
Always Show Project WizardShould the project wizard be shown at startup? (By default, it is shown only when the alt key is held down during launch)
Compress Assets On ImportShould assets be compressed automatically during import?
OSX Color PickerShould the native OSX color picker be used instead of Unity's own?
Editor AnalyticsCan the editor send information back to Unity automatically?
Show Asset Store search hitsShould the number of free/paid assets from the store be shown in the Project Browser?
Verify Saving AssetsShould Unity verify which assets to save individually on quitting?
Skin (Pro Only)Which color scheme should Unity use for the editor? Pro users have the option of dark grey in addition to the default light grey.

External Tools

External Script EditorWhich application should Unity use to open script files?
External Script Editor ArgsWindows only. What arguments to pass to external script editor. $(File) will be replaced with a path to a file being opened. $(Line) will be replaced with a line number that editor should jump to. See examples bellow.
Editor AttachingShould Unity allow debugging to be controlled from the external script editor?
Image ApplicationWhich application should Unity use to open image files?
Asset Server Diff ToolWhich application should Unity use to resolve file differences with the asset server?
Android SDK LocationWhere in the filesystem is the Android SDK folder located?
iOS Xcode 4.x supportShould support for Xcode 4.x be enabled for iOS build targets?

Examples for script editor args:

--remote-tab-silent +$(Line) "$File"
-g $(Line) "$(File)"
Sublime Text 2
-n$(Line) "$(File)"


This panel allows you to choose the colors that Unity uses when displaying various user interface elements.


This panel allows you to set the keystrokes that activate the various commands in Unity.

Cache Server

Use Cache ServerShould the cache server be enabled?
IP AddressIP address of the cache server, if enabledFile"



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