YUI Library Examples: YUI Loader Utility (beta)

YUI Loader Utility (beta): Examples

The YUI Loader provides a client-side mechanism for loading YUI components and their dependencies. It can be used to add additional components to a page on which some YUI components already exist or to structure the loading of scripts and CSS files for an entire page.

  • Using YUI Loader to Load the Calendar Control: This example demonstrates a simple implementation in which we bring in the YUI Calendar Control — and its JavaScript and CSS dependencies — using the YUI Loader Utility.
  • Using YUI Loader to Place Additional Components on a Page: In some cases, you may wish to use YUI Loader to bring additional components into a page that already contains some YUI content. In this example, we'll look at how to use YUI Loader to augment a page's existing YUI content by bringing in additional dependencies for a new component.
  • Using addModule to Add Custom (Non-YUI) Content with YUILoader: YUILoader can be used to add YUI components to the page, but it can also be used to add other components that you create yourself (or that you pull from a third-party source). This example shows one simple way to pull in external content with YUILoader.

Other YUI Examples That Make Use of the YUI Loader Utility (beta)

YUI Loader Utility (beta):

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