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Joomla! 1.5 API Reference
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These pages are automatically generated by the phpDocumentor package from an analysis of the Joomla! source code and making use of specially formatted comments embedded in the source code itself.

The complete Joomla! CMS can be divided into a number of packages:

  • The Joomla! API, called Joomla-Framework.
  • A package of legacy classes and functions, only used if legacy mode is turned on, called Joomla-Legacy.
  • A number of third-party libraries used by Joomla! and/or available for use by third-party Joomla! extension developers. Please note that the Joomla! Developer Documentation Team is not responsible for maintaining documentation, including this automatically generated documentation, for third-party libraries.

You can select which package to view using the drop-down list in the menu on the left of this screen.

Additional documentation is available on the Joomla! Developer Network website and in particular there is a manually produced API reference wiki which has additional information and example code for classes and methods in the Joomla! Framework.

These pages were generated from Joomla! 1.5 SVN 6776
(5 Mar 2007)
SymbolDescription SymbolDescription SymbolDescription
Class Class Method Method Variable Variable
Private class Private class Private method Private method Private variable Private variable
Abstract class Abstract class Abstract method Abstract method Static variable Static variable
Abstract private class Abstract private class Abstract private method Abstract private method Global Global
Static method Static method Constant Constant
File folder File folder Constructor Constructor
Class folder Class folder Destructor Destructor File File
Function folder Function folder Function Function Index Index
Tutorial folder Tutorial folder Tutorial Tutorial
Package folder Package folder Subpackage Subpackage

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