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defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access' );
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<div id="notes">
<pre class="todo">
<span class="todotitle">STATUS</span>

<b>** Joomla! 1.5.0 Beta Release [???] **</b>

<span class="highlight">** This should NOT meant to be used for a `live` or `production` site **</span>
This Beta version is for testing and development purposes, or internal use only.  Use at your own risk!


<span class="todotitle">BROKEN</span>

To be able to handle all languages correctly we are moving towards UTF-8. It's clear that
this transistion will go with a few roadbumps. We predict problems with upgrading from an
existing db, and the use of some string related PHP functions. We are aware of these issues.

The reason for the alpha is to get them identified. U can help us by clearly stating problems
u are experiencing. For now we advice u to stay away from upgrading an existing site.
Upgrading problems will be handled after we identified and fixed any problems with translations
and new installs.

<span class="todotitle">REPORTING</span>

- Bug and problems
Forum   : <a target="_blank" href=",179.0.html">Quality Assurance and Testing</a>
Tracker : <a target="_blank" href="">Bug Tracker</a>

- Feature requests
Forum   : <a target="_blank" href=",38.0.html">Wishlist and Feature requests</a>
Tracker : <a target="_blank" href="">Feature Requests</a>

<span class="todotitle">CHANGES</span>

- Languages
	* Backend Translated
	* Frontend Translated
	* RTL language compilance
	* UTF-8 output

- Framework
	* Joomla! Framework introduced
	* FTP installer
	* New PDF library (TCPDF)

- New plugins
	* authentication
	* user
	* xml-rpc
	* syndicate

- Other
	* Changed CSS editor, can edit all css files now
	* Added statistics reset functions
	* Added new com_syndicate

- Contacts Component
	* Added field for mobile numbers and webpage
	* Widened many database fields to accept more characters
	* Allowed for position, address and phone numbers to be multi-line
	* For testing: added 2 new toolbar buttons to the edit form:
		- Save & New: saves the item and places you into a new blank form
		- Save To Copy: saves the current contents to a new item, very similar to Apply except a copy is made while saving

- Removed files
	* /pathway.php
	* /mainbody.php
	* /offlinebar.php
	* /offline.php
	* /includes/metadata.php
	* /includes/sef.php
	* /includes/agent_browser
	* /includes/agent_os

- Removed templates
	* /templates/madeyourday/..
	* /templates/rhuk_solarflare_ii/..
	* /administrator/templates/mambo_admin/...
	* /administrator/templates/mambo_admin_blue/...

- Removed modules
	* /modules/mod_templatechooser
	* /modules/mod_rssfeed

- Removed components
	* /components/com_rss/..

<span class="todotitle">TODO</span>

- Languages
	* Component language installation

- Other
	* Feature requests on the tracker
	* Session timeout issues
	* Core extension refactoring

- User Interface
	* Usability changes
	* Media manager improvements



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