Getting started

This getting started guide acts as a foundational introduction into the Couchbase Java SDK. You learn how to install it properly and write a basic sample application that highlights important aspects. At the end of this guide you can start exploring further documentation on your own or proceed with a tutorial where a complete, production-grade application is built.

Installing the Couchbase Java SDK

At a minimum, Java 6 is required, but any newer version is also supported (including Java 8).

To use the Java SDK, simply point your application pom to the library, which is available on Maven Central. Here is a typical pom.xml that you can copy and paste into your Java project:


You can also download an archive that has all JARs and dependencies included, but in general using a package manager is strongly recommended. See the "Download and API Reference" section for more details.

If you import the dependency, the following transitive dependencies will also be added:

  • core-io: our internal core library, which abstracts lots of couchbase specific behavior in a message oriented way.
  • RxJava: a foundational library to build powerful reactive and asynchronous applications.