The Couchbase Java SDK enables you to interact with a Couchbase Server cluster from a Java or JVM application.

The Java SDK includes the following components:

  • The Java Client (source code)
  • Developer Guide & Reference Documentation
  • Sample applications


Compatibility between Couchbase Server and Couchbase Java SDK releases.

To take advantage of all features offered by Couchbase Server, you need to know what version of the Java SDK provides compatibility for the features you want to use. The following matrix shows which versions of the Couchbase Java SDK support the major features of each version of Couchbase Server.

Table 1. Couchbase Server and SDK Supported Version Matrix
  Server 1.8 Server 2.0 Server 2.5 Server 3.0
Basic Features
CRUD Operations Since 1.0
View Querying APIs Since 1.0
Advanced Features
Durability Requirements Since 1.1
Carrier Publication Configuration Not Supported Since 1.4
SSL Connectivity Not Supported Since 2.0
Bulk Operations Since 1.0
N1QL Querying Since 2.0
Administrative Features
Administrative API Since 1.0


Couchbase welcomes community contributions to the Java SDK. The Java SDK source code is available on GitHub.