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About the OpenDarwin Project


The goal of the OpenDarwin project is to provide resources for open source developers to interact and produce products for Apple's Mac OS X. One of the key aspects of the project is to enable interested Mac OS X developers to be able to retrieve, modify, build, and distribute operating system changes.


The project has a Core Team, similar to the other various BSD projects. We are currently seeking contributors for all aspects of the project, and additions to the Core Team will be chosen from the most active contributors. One of the initial Core Team's first action items is to establish the rules for how future Core Team and project members will be selected.


The OpenDarwin project is always looking for talented individuals to contribute to and join the project. To contribute to the OpenDarwin project, you can join some of the OpenDarwin mailing lists and participate in discussion. You can also join the IRC discussion on the #opendarwin channel on Contributing to the project can be anything from helping others on the mailing lists to sending in patches. The website could use some enhancement and supervision as well.


We would like to thank Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. for hosting this site. They have graciously donated their time, bandwidth, power, and space to make this project a reality.

We'd also like to thank Apple Computer, Inc. for donating a PowerMac G4 to the cause.