Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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vdso.h File Reference

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void __user __kernel_sigreturn
void __user __kernel_rt_sigreturn
const char vdso32_int80_start
const char vdso32_int80_end
const char vdso32_syscall_start
const char vdso32_syscall_end
const char vdso32_sysenter_start
const char vdso32_sysenter_end

Variable Documentation

void __user __kernel_rt_sigreturn
void __user __kernel_sigreturn
const char vdso32_int80_end
const char vdso32_int80_start
const char vdso32_syscall_end
const char vdso32_syscall_start
const char vdso32_sysenter_end
const char vdso32_sysenter_start