Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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dwarf-regs.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <libio.h>
#include <dwarf-regs.h>

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Data Structures

struct  pt_regs_dwarfnum


#define STR(s)   #s
#define REG_DWARFNUM_NAME(r, num)   {.name = r, .dwarfnum = num}
#define GPR_DWARFNUM_NAME(num)   {.name = STR(%r##num), .dwarfnum = num}
#define REG_DWARFNUM_END   {.name = NULL, .dwarfnum = 0}


const charget_arch_regstr (unsigned int n)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define GPR_DWARFNUM_NAME (   num)    {.name = STR(%r##num), .dwarfnum = num}

Definition at line 24 of file dwarf-regs.c.

#define REG_DWARFNUM_END   {.name = NULL, .dwarfnum = 0}

Definition at line 26 of file dwarf-regs.c.

#define REG_DWARFNUM_NAME (   r,
)    {.name = r, .dwarfnum = num}

Definition at line 23 of file dwarf-regs.c.

#define STR (   s)    #s

Definition at line 22 of file dwarf-regs.c.

Function Documentation

const char* get_arch_regstr ( unsigned int  n)

get_arch_regstr() - lookup register name from it's DWARF register number
: the DWARF register number

get_arch_regstr() returns the name of the register in struct regdwarfnum_table from it's DWARF register number. If the register is not found in the table, this returns NULL;

Definition at line 60 of file dwarf-regs.c.