Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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struct Class Reference

Detailed Description

the class of this hwmod : struct omap_device currently associated with this hwmod (internal use) : ptr to an array of MPU IRQs : ptr to an array of System DMA request IDs : PRCM data pertaining to this hwmod : main clock: OMAP clock name : pointer to the main struct clk (filled in at runtime) : other device clocks that drivers can request (0..*) : pointer to voltage domain (filled in at runtime) : arbitrary device attributes that can be passed to the driver : internal-use hwmod flags : cached register target start address (internal use) : cached MPU register target slave (internal use) : number of : number of entries : number of entries : device OCP response latency (in interface clock cycles) : internal-use hwmod flags : internal-use hwmod state : internal-use state to leave the hwmod in after _setup() : hwmod flags (documented below) : spinlock serializing operations on this hwmod : list node for hwmod list (internal use)

refers to this module's "main clock," which for our purposes is defined as "the functional clock needed for register accesses to complete." Modules may not have a main clock if the interface clock also serves as a main clock.

Parameter names beginning with an underscore are managed internally by the omap_hwmod code and should not be set during initialization.

and are now deprecated.

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