Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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Data Fields
omap_device Struct Reference

#include <omap_device.h>

Data Fields

struct platform_devicepdev
struct omap_hwmod ** hwmods
struct omap_device_pm_latencypm_lats
u32 dev_wakeup_lat
u32 _dev_wakeup_lat_limit
unsigned long _driver_status
u8 pm_lats_cnt
s8 pm_lat_level
u8 hwmods_cnt
u8 _state
u8 flags

Detailed Description

struct omap_device - omap_device wrapper for platform_devices : platform_device : (one .. many per omap_device) : ARRAY_SIZE() of : ptr to an omap_device_pm_latency table : ARRAY_SIZE() of what is passed to : array index of the last odpl entry executed - -1 if never : dev wakeup latency in nanoseconds : dev wakeup latency limit in nsec - set by OMAP PM : one of OMAP_DEVICE_STATE_* (see above) : device flags : one of BUS_NOTIFY_*_DRIVER from <linux/device.h>

Integrates omap_hwmod data into Linux platform_device.

Field names beginning with underscores are for the internal use of the omap_device code.

Definition at line 71 of file omap_device.h.

Field Documentation

u32 _dev_wakeup_lat_limit

Definition at line 76 of file omap_device.h.

unsigned long _driver_status

Definition at line 77 of file omap_device.h.

u8 _state

Definition at line 81 of file omap_device.h.

u32 dev_wakeup_lat

Definition at line 75 of file omap_device.h.

u8 flags

Definition at line 82 of file omap_device.h.

struct omap_hwmod** hwmods

Definition at line 73 of file omap_device.h.

u8 hwmods_cnt

Definition at line 80 of file omap_device.h.

Definition at line 72 of file omap_device.h.

s8 pm_lat_level

Definition at line 79 of file omap_device.h.

Definition at line 74 of file omap_device.h.

u8 pm_lats_cnt

Definition at line 78 of file omap_device.h.

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