Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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i915_drm.h File Reference
#include <uapi/drm/i915_drm.h>

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unsigned long i915_read_mch_val (void)
bool i915_gpu_raise (void)
bool i915_gpu_lower (void)
bool i915_gpu_busy (void)
bool i915_gpu_turbo_disable (void)

Function Documentation

bool i915_gpu_busy ( void  )

i915_gpu_busy - indicate GPU business to IPS

Tell the IPS driver whether or not the GPU is busy.

Definition at line 3145 of file intel_pm.c.

bool i915_gpu_lower ( void  )

i915_gpu_lower - lower GPU frequency limit

IPS indicates we're close to a thermal limit, so throttle back the GPU frequency maximum.

Definition at line 3118 of file intel_pm.c.

bool i915_gpu_raise ( void  )

i915_gpu_raise - raise GPU frequency limit

Raise the limit; IPS indicates we have thermal headroom.

Definition at line 3090 of file intel_pm.c.

bool i915_gpu_turbo_disable ( void  )

i915_gpu_turbo_disable - disable graphics turbo

Disable graphics turbo by resetting the max frequency and setting the current frequency to the default.

Definition at line 3173 of file intel_pm.c.

unsigned long i915_read_mch_val ( void  )

i915_read_mch_val - return value for IPS use

Calculate and return a value for the IPS driver to use when deciding whether we have thermal and power headroom to increase CPU or GPU power budget.

Definition at line 3063 of file intel_pm.c.