Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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eshlibld.h File Reference
#include <linux/limits.h>

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#define SHARE_LIB_CORE   0
#define shlibmod_exit(x)
#define shlibmod_fork(x)   1


int perform_cris_aout_relocations (unsigned long text, unsigned long tlength, unsigned long data, unsigned long dlength, unsigned long baddr, unsigned long blength, unsigned char *trel, unsigned long tsrel, unsigned long dsrel, unsigned char *symbols, unsigned long symlength, unsigned char *strings, unsigned long stringlength, char **env, int envc, int euid, int is_suid)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SHARE_LIB_CORE   0

! ! FILE NAME : eshlibld.h ! ! DESCRIPTION: Prototypes for exported shared library functions ! ! FUNCTIONS : perform_cris_aout_relocations, shlibmod_fork, shlibmod_exit ! (EXPORTED) ! !------------------------------------------------------------------------— ! ! (C) Copyright 1998, 1999 Axis Communications AB, LUND, SWEDEN ! !

Definition at line 50 of file eshlibld.h.

#define shlibmod_exit (   x)

Definition at line 107 of file eshlibld.h.

#define shlibmod_fork (   x)    1

Definition at line 108 of file eshlibld.h.

Function Documentation

int perform_cris_aout_relocations ( unsigned long  text,
unsigned long  tlength,
unsigned long  data,
unsigned long  dlength,
unsigned long  baddr,
unsigned long  blength,
unsigned char trel,
unsigned long  tsrel,
unsigned long  dsrel,
unsigned char symbols,
unsigned long  symlength,
unsigned char strings,
unsigned long  stringlength,
char **  env,
int  envc,
int  euid,
int  is_suid