Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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traps.h File Reference

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#define JMP_OP   0x5a000000
#define JSR_OP   0x5e000000
#define VECTOR(address)   ((JMP_OP)|((unsigned long)address))
#define REDIRECT(address)   ((JSR_OP)|((unsigned long)address))
#define TRACE_VEC   5
#define TRAP0_VEC   8
#define TRAP1_VEC   9
#define TRAP2_VEC   10
#define TRAP3_VEC   11


void system_call (void)
void interrupt_entry (void)
void trace_break (void)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define JMP_OP   0x5a000000

Definition at line 18 of file traps.h.

#define JSR_OP   0x5e000000

Definition at line 19 of file traps.h.

#define REDIRECT (   address)    ((JSR_OP)|((unsigned long)address))

Definition at line 21 of file traps.h.

#define TRACE_VEC   5

Definition at line 23 of file traps.h.

#define TRAP0_VEC   8

Definition at line 25 of file traps.h.

#define TRAP1_VEC   9

Definition at line 26 of file traps.h.

#define TRAP2_VEC   10

Definition at line 27 of file traps.h.

#define TRAP3_VEC   11

Definition at line 28 of file traps.h.

#define VECTOR (   address)    ((JMP_OP)|((unsigned long)address))

Definition at line 20 of file traps.h.

Function Documentation

void interrupt_entry ( void  )
void system_call ( void  )
void trace_break ( void  )