Linux Kernel  3.7.1
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system_misc.h File Reference
#include <linux/compiler.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
#include <linux/irqflags.h>

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#define UDBG_UNDEFINED   (1 << 0)
#define UDBG_SYSCALL   (1 << 1)
#define UDBG_BADABORT   (1 << 2)
#define UDBG_SEGV   (1 << 3)
#define UDBG_BUS   (1 << 4)


void cpu_init (void)
void soft_restart (unsigned long)
void disable_hlt (void)
void enable_hlt (void)


void(* arm_pm_restart )(char str, const char *cmd)
void(* arm_pm_idle )(void)
unsigned int user_debug

Macro Definition Documentation

#define UDBG_BADABORT   (1 << 2)

Definition at line 18 of file system_misc.h.

#define UDBG_BUS   (1 << 4)

Definition at line 20 of file system_misc.h.

#define UDBG_SEGV   (1 << 3)

Definition at line 19 of file system_misc.h.

#define UDBG_SYSCALL   (1 << 1)

Definition at line 17 of file system_misc.h.

#define UDBG_UNDEFINED   (1 << 0)

Definition at line 16 of file system_misc.h.

Function Documentation

void cpu_init ( void  )


This is our initial entry point for each CPU, and is invoked on the boot CPU prior to calling start_kernel(). For SMP, a combination of this and start_secondary() will bring up each processor to a ready state prior to hand forking the idle loop.

We do all of the basic processor init here, including setting up the caches, FPU, DSP, etc. By the time start_kernel() is hit (and subsequently platform_setup()) things like determining the CPU subtype and initial configuration will all be done.

Each processor family is still responsible for doing its own probing and cache configuration in cpu_probe().

Definition at line 376 of file setup.c.

void disable_hlt ( void  )

Definition at line 63 of file process.c.

void enable_hlt ( void  )

Definition at line 70 of file process.c.

void soft_restart ( unsigned  long)

Definition at line 128 of file process.c.

Variable Documentation

void(* arm_pm_idle)(void)

Definition at line 164 of file process.c.

void(* arm_pm_restart)(char str, const char *cmd)

Definition at line 157 of file process.c.

unsigned int user_debug